Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lacock Abbey

With my gorgeous sister here to stay for a few days, we finally took a trip to explore Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire earlier this week. It was a gorgeous house - higgledy piggledy from many generations adding on bits and taking other bits away. The cloisters were a perfect location for Little B to put his walking skills into action and get some proper wear out of his little shoes. He looks so much older in them. And us Biddles finally embraced the onset of middle age and purchased National Trust membership which we've been umming and ahhing about for yonks! Bring on the blue rinse.


  1. It looks lovely there, we've just got NT membership too, and as we're in the South West Lacock's on our list of places to explore - ta for the preview! Great photos. Rachel x

  2. Years ahead of you! I'm 22 and am a year and a half into membership, it's awesome. I'd asked for it for Christmas from my Mum but my boyfriend's Mum pre-empted her and bought the two of us joint membership.
    We visited Lacock last February when it was still cold and the sunlight was a welcome relief. Since then we've had a week in Cornwall fitting in Lanhydrock, Trelissick and Glendurgan all at once and then rather lost our oomph due to academic commitments. Hopefully we'll be back on track soon :)