Wednesday, 2 May 2012

I Like to Ride my Bicycle

Mr Biddle grew up in Cambridge. Ergo, he is an excellent cyclist and extremely confident on two wheels. I grew up in hilly Lancashire, hilly being the operative word. So hilly in fact that at the age of seven, when at the time I might have described myself as a confident cyclist, I went too quickly down a hill, flew over the handle bars, and skidded head first down a steep path of gravel. I haven't been on a bike ride for about twenty years and am not a confident rider.

For Mr Biddle's recent 30th birthday, Little B bought him a baby bike seat so the two of the them could pedal off on adventures together. So for my birthday last month, they bought me a new bike in the hope of us all heading off on family trips. Here's the lovely lady ...
I was completely over the moon to have my own bike for the first time in almost two decades, but I have to admit I was also a little nervous - what if my lack of confidence with cycling meant I was too scared to use it. Then, every day since the blue beauty arrived, it has rained and poured and drizzled. The only chance I'd had to get on it was one quick, damp cycle round the block where I almost crashed into a recycling lorry. The signs were not looking good. But today, the rain stopped. So we climbed on our bikes, popped on Baby B's helmet, and set off along the canal to the village of Bathampton. And it was amazing. I loved cycling and quickly felt like I was that confident seven year old again. I don't think I'll be venturing on to any main roads any time soon but I used all the puddles to practice weaving in and out of tight spaces and my confidence grew by the pedal. Hoorah. Living so near to the beautiful Kennet and Avon canal means that there will be days out aplenty for the Biddle biking family.
In case you fancy riding a beautiful blue bike too, it is the Somerby by Victoria Pendleton for Halfords. Mrs B x


  1. That is a beautiful ride lady. Xx

  2. What a great bike in a great colour! I lived in Cambridge for a while but have to say it did little for my cycling confidence!

  3. Oh my! Just catching up with weeks of blogs when I saw your pretty bicycle. This is the same one that has finally managed to tempt me away from my old bicycle. For many days as I go up the hill on the school run, I've dreamed off more gears and a lighter bike... but I love my dear old Pashley. Feeling slightly guilty and glum as my Pashley sold on eBay today though looking forward to my new cornflower blue bicycle! Are you oh so happy with yours?

    1. Hello Mrs Robinson, you're going to love your new Pendleton Somerby. It's so fab. A lovely colour, really light and loads of gears. I love mine and just wish it would stop raining so I can get out on it more. Enjoy - I'm sure you won't regret it. Mrs B x