Sunday, 15 April 2012


My gorgeous, kind, talented, caring husband is now thirty. Phew - I am no longer dating a twenty-something! To celebrate, I threw him not one but two surprise parties and treated him, among other things, to the remote control helicopter he's always dreamt of. I think he was chuffed that even though he's now a proper grown up / husband / father, he can still play with the odd toy! Here's some pics from the prep for the first of his two parties, which took place on the actual day.


  1. Looks like a truly awesome day xx

  2. What a lovely suprise. Weirdly my husband would love a remote control helicopter too. I am not such a nice wife though - he still doesn't own one!

    1. You should definitely get him one ... I've never seen a look of such delight on a man's face than when he opened it. And it was only £20 on amazon. And I have to admit it does fly brilliantly! x