Monday, 23 April 2012

One Man Band

Mr B is, among other things, a musician. His main instruments are his voice and piano, but he's one of those annoyingly talented people who can pick up pretty much any instrument and manage to play something with it swiftly. Last year for example, he bought his first guitar and was playing like a pro before we knew it. As a result of all this musical prowess, he seems to gather instruments as he travels through life, either because he finds them on his adventures or because people donate them to him in the hope that their trusty old instrument will find a new lease of life. Here are two of his recent vintage acquisitions.

This Lorenzo organ sounds like an accordion on the flat. It came from a junk shop in Melksham, and for the bargain sum of £40 it has a fab sound and is a real story telling instrument. And it all parcels up beautifully into its case, with the legs unscrewing and attaching into the lid.
My stepdad declared his brass days were over and passed on his beautiful Louis Armstrong antique trumpet. The trumpet is, unusually, a lovely silver colour and is covered with delicate engravings. Mr B can now just about get a scale out of it.

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