Wednesday, 4 April 2012


Having moved in January, we are slowly but surely filling up our house with new treasures to turn it into a home. Here are three new (and bargainous) things to find their way into our place over the last couple of months.

1. Coffee Table
After a lovely morning catching up with Nell and meeting little baby Josephine, I popped into the nearby charity shop where someone had just dropped off this vintage coffee table which I promptly snapped up for the grand sum of £12 - I literally couldn't hand over the cash fast enough as I didn't want any one else to nab it. It is utterly perfect for our front room as we needed something more long and thin. Plus it has rounded corners so it's happily baby proof.
2. Sofa Covers
Having bought a cheap 3 seat Ikea Karlstad sofa, I found the fantastic Bemz company online from which you can order covers for any Ikea furniture, current or discontinued. They will happily send you five free swatches so that you can check the fabric colour and quality before you buy, and when our covers arrived we were bowled over by the gorgeous texture and colour of the fabric we chose. Now I just have my eye on some Pretty Pegs although I think that might be an Ikea hack too far!
3. Mini Cabinet
After a morning meeting in Clevedon, we popped into a nearby furniture project store and found this cutey pie little cabinet for £4.95. Our mouths literally fell open when we heard the price and before we knew it, it was in the boot. I love it, although I still need to work out where's best for it to end up.


  1. Hi, love the furniture you have! I really like the white rocking chair in one of the pics and wondered where you got it as I'm looking for something like that to go in my nursery.
    Thanks, Kerry

    1. Hey Kerry, The white rocking chair is from a shop in Bath called Vita Interiors and it was in the sale there so mega reasonable at £48. Hope that helps. It's a lovely piece to have around the home and they have lots of colours too. Plastic better than the fibre glass one as not susceptible to bumps and dents from little people! Mrs B x

  2. Oh you're friends with Nell & Phiney! You lucky girls. I adore all of your furniture - it's absolutely perfect x

  3. ps. by girls I meant you and Nell ;) x

  4. What fabulous finds! Your house is looking lovely!