Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A Chair Story

When Mr B and I had been dating for a couple of years but hadn't yet decided to move in together, I took him on a magical mystery trip to Sussex to visit an aviation museum (my boy loves planes), head to the seaside for fish and chips, visit a British vineyard, and see a good friend in a play in Chichester. After a beach walk in West Wittering we came across a junk shop and I spied four Harris Lebus chairs which I convinced Mr B we'd regret not buying. Now bear in mind that this was their original seat covering ...
... Absolutely hideous, eh? But I loved the wood and the shape, they were only £20 for the four, and I knew that with the help of a trusty staple gun, we could work some magic. So Mr B agreed - the proviso was that if we could fit them in the back of our ancient and tiny Peugeot 205, we'd get them. They fit. Hoorah. And they've been one of our best ever bargain buys. For the last five years they've been covered in one of my favourite ever thrifty fabric finds, a beautiful green floral print which came from a charity shop in Scarborough. But since our move in January, we've noticed holes appearing in the fabric through wear and tear, and it felt time to give the chairs a face lift (I will of course be salvaging the green floral to use for something else).
Taking our inspiration from Little B's Tripp Trapp highchair which is a vibrant fire engine red, we decided to use a mismatching red theme and picked out the following fabrics from my stash.
A retro Windhams fabric I picked up at the Vintage & Homemade fair last summer ...
This vintage rulers print from Country Threads in Bath ...
And a red floral print which was once a vintage skirt I bought which was far too big for me but I bought because I loved the fabric so much ...
There's still one chair left covered in the green floral for now which sits at my desk. I'll be a bit reluctant to say goodbye to that fabric altogether. But we're very pleased with how half an hour with a staple gun has given our kitchen a new look.


  1. Lovely chairs, they're such a great shape. Loving the mismatched seat fabric, I always think it's a shame to use one pattern when you could use 4! Rachel :)

  2. They're so cool! They look like great solid chairs too.

  3. Such good bargain hunters! I will have to take a look at the shop you bought them in the next time I am down that way. I am originally from Chichester. And don't worry about using the green floral - on the chair you will see it every day!