Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Little changes are afoot in the Biddle household. Baby B is crawling, Mr B has had a haircut and organised his office, and I, Mrs B, have started back at work. Now I'm very lucky that my work is freelance so the end of my 'maternity leave' doesn't mark a huge change of schedule for all of us. I'm still getting to hang out with the B Boy lots. But I'm also loving getting my head back into an adult space again. I love what I do and it feels wonderful to be inhabiting a different creative space, even though tackling the work time/baby time dilemma when working from home can be tricky. The other thing returning to work means is that I have some money of my own again. Hoorah. So a handful of little treats have come my way to celebrate this transition.
I've seen this gorgeous Wiksten pattern, made up on a couple of blogs here and here and it is just fabulous and looks like an easy way to run up a hole host of funky mama-about-town blouses in an array of fabrics. So when I saw that Jenny had a new batch for sale in her shop, I pounced and was very excited to receive my beautiful parcel from America yesterday.
Also yesterday, I had a delicious day working in London and being pramless for the day, I skipped around the city with gay abandon. I couldn't resist a little peek in Magma where I found these super douper rubber circus stamps. I love them love them love them.
Whilst we're on the subject of transitionary treats, I thought I'd share the two gorgeous gifts given by my wonderful hubby to mark the end of my breastfeeding stint. This divine dress by Spanish company Nice Things was my Christmas present, ready for the days when I wouldn't need to have front access and could go for a night on the tiles, leaving behind my boys and a bottle. I'd swooned over this dress daily, hanging in the window of the boutique Found on Pulteney Bridge here in Bath. I mean, come on people, there are ballerinas leaping across the front. And the sleeve detail is so lovely too. It now hangs on the wall of our guest room as even Mr B describes it as a work of art!
Finally, another spot of window shopping near Pulteney Bridge drew my eye to this pretty ceramic pot which was sitting in a display in Blakes Interiors. I loved the worker bee motif - it reminded me of the mosaic tiles in Manchester Town Hall which represent the hard workers of the Industrial North. And then one day last month, I got home to find the pot wrapped along with a beautiful card from my two boys wishing me congratulations for getting through all the pain and upset and hard work that was my breastfeeding experience and it brought me to tears. Breastfeeding was quite an ordeal for some time in this household, but I'm so proud of what the three of us achieved with it. And I was so touched by this little memento from team Biddle.


  1. Too many lovely things. And Blakes? Shows how long I haven't been shopping for. Never even knew it was there. Now i've seen their site I want to go. Now. If only we had some money... !! xx

  2. love those circus stamps! and I must say, well done on the breastfeeding, and on having such a lovely husband who buys you presents to recognise all your hard work - what a star! :)