Sunday, 25 March 2012

Spring Sewing

Mr B has been working away up North this last week which meant I was in sole care of Little B. So each night after he'd gone to bed, instead of trying to get through mountains of work, I treated myself to a little bit of sewing time and finally got a chance to make up the Wiksten Tank Pattern I'd ordered from America last month. It's sod's law that no sooner had I paid all the duty on this lovely pattern and had it sent all that way, then an online pdf version became available for a fraction of the cost! Buy hey ho, there was something lovely about having it drop on the mat in all its lovely packaging.
I decided to use this dainty floral quilting cotton which I'd picked up on the cheap from Abakhan to test this pattern, before cutting into more expensive fabric from my stash. This was a really easy pattern to follow and came together swiftly. I love the way the French seams and binding are finished off - the inside looks really professional, and learning to do these things properly is why I love using good patterns. The only thing I found about this pattern is that the back of the neck sticks up a little on me - I'm not sure if this is the pattern, the fabric, a mistake I've made, or just that I've got a petite upper body. Has anyone else found this to be the case with the Wiksten Tank? I think I'm going to try it next with a more flowing fabric to see if that solves the problem. 


  1. For a test run, it's might cute! Bet you'll wear it heaps.

  2. Love it. I may have to go search for this PDF pattern of which you speak. xx