Thursday, 1 March 2012

Not More Blooming Curtains?

Yes, my dear readers, more blooming curtains. Curtains have been pretty much my sole crafting output since moving house but I promise that this is the last batch (for a little while at least!). Our new home is a 30s end-of-terrace with a very unusual rectangular bay window in the corner of the front room. This window has a drop of just over two metres, and each curtain panel would need to be at least three metres wide. There's also another smaller window in the room too, so after much intense mathematics, I worked out that I'd need 12 metres of whatever fabric we chose.
Whilst working up North a couple of weeks ago, we made a special trip to the fabulous Abakhan, a chain of Northern fabric shops which sell end of line and seconds from lots of big fabric retailers. And thank goodness we went there. We discovered a roll of this gorgeous 'Geranium' screen printed linen by Zoffany for the grand sum of £4.99 a metre - I later looked online and found that Zoffany fabrics normally start at £49.99 a metre! And there were exactly 12 metres left on the roll. The fabric gods were smiling on us that wet and windy day in Preston.
These curtains were beasts to make. For the main window, I needed to sew four strips of the fabric together into two panels so therefore had to match up the print at the seams - a new technique for me to try. And just the sheer size of these curtains made them a real challenge. I couldn't lie them flat anywhere so they are by no means perfect. But I think they'll do. The green in the print picks up the colour of our soft green walls, and the blues will match the sofa covers we have on order. I just wish we had a better iron as they are covered in stubborn creases, but hey ho, I'm mighty proud of how they turned out.

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  1. These are lovely! You're very brave to make such huge curtains, and what a bargain on the fabric!