Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Today, we returned home from a week and a half of family travels around the UK for my work and celebrated with a stack of pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. I love pancake day (International Bloggers ... is this a global tradition or just something we do in Britain?) and remember it fondly from my childhood as the day we had dessert as our main meal and could put as much sugar as we liked on too. There's nothing quite like all those sugary crumbs soaking up the lemon juice. Baby B seems to have inherited my taste for all things sour and ate his soaked in lemon (but of course without the sugar mountains since he's only nine months old!).


  1. Oh yum! They looks so good. I don't think we have national day of the pancake, but we should.

    1. Ha, ha, that's so funny. We Brits must seem very quaint. On every Shrove Tuesday, the British nation get out their frying pans, squeeze some lemons and flip pancakes. It's brilliant fun, especially when you're a kid and get to try tossing the pancake and your Dad does it badly and it hits the floor. Mrs B x

  2. OK, I have missed so much round these parts (what with having a baby and all!!) so here goes. Firstly, pankcakes look fab. LOVE pancake day. Why do we only eat them one day a year when they taste so good!

    Next - cushions, curtains, wash bags...all AMAZING. Get that Etsy shop opened dude.

    And Bertie, you look so cute all snuggled up for a walk along the canal. I want to squeeze those cheeks. Get your Mama to drop me a line and I can introduce my beautiful girl to you xxx