Thursday, 2 February 2012


Slowly but surely this new house is becoming a home. The internet got connected yesterday, the Ikea delivery came today, we have a car full of cardboard and old junk to take to the recycling, and our first guests are arriving to stay tomorrow in the shape of Grandparents Biddle. Plus, my trusty old sewing machine - now in its 10th year - got a first household task to run up some curtains.

I've never made proper curtains before. Not lined with heading tape and hooks. So this was my first attempt and I was mighty chuffed with the results, not least because Mr Biddle and I chose four metres of the most utterly gorgeous fabric - a printed linen blend by Kokka from The Makery Emporium. This fabric was especially good for the job as it came in an extra wide 155cm so I didn't need to piece any together to create the required width. The curtains were lined with an unbleached cotton which came from Ikea for the grand sum of £1.59 a metre.

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  1. How exciting for you, love the new curtains they look great. Job well done!