Saturday, 7 January 2012

Spinning Around

Aren't music boxes the sweetest, and also a little bit spooky? I love them. The little ballerina trapped inside her bejewelled cave, destined to spin round and around for eternity to her dainty tune - a story that could be straight out of Hans Christian Anderson or the Brothers Grimm. It's no wonder I've used them in a number of theatre productions and I know I'm not the only one.
My sister gave me this vintage gem for Christmas. I love that it's a grown up version, with a more saucy ballerina in her velvety, fractured mirror lair. Her tune is a very slow, slightly off key version of the Colonel Bogey March, better known as "Hitler has only got one ball". It's like she's Sally Bowles or one of the girls from the Windmill Theatre trapped in an endless 1940s burlesque act. And I'm loving her muted gold strapless leotard and matching hair. I could do with a swimsuit in that shape to hide away my post-baby tummy although I'm not sure I could pull off the colour!

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  1. That's beautiful! I remember having one as a girl but not quite as stylish as this one. Happy New Year to the Biddles x