Friday, 6 January 2012

Further Festive Stitching

Okay I think this is my last blog post about handmade gifts for Christmas 2011. Then I promise to move on into the new year! Having got to grips with Heather Ross's (slightly fiddly) travel wash bag pattern from her book Weekend Sewing, I decided it would be the perfect pattern to repeat not once but four times as gifts for Mr & Mrs Biddle Senior and Mr and Mrs Biddle bro and sister in law. It worked pretty well doing it all in stages - cutting out all four bags, then doing all four zip sections, etc. And it was lovely to work with my Mr Biddle to choose fabric for each of them and decide what lovely toiletries to pop inside each one. Here they all are (in slightly bad light as I forgot to document them before wrapping and then had to steal them all back to photograph under a standard lamp!) - prepare for lots of photos.

For Father-in-law Biddle ... Kokka sailing boats with a blue striped cotton
 For Sister-in-law Biddle ... limited edition Liberty Print for the V&A teamed with unbleached cotton
 For Mother-in-law Biddle ... dainty flowers from Abakhans with a pale blue striped cotton
 For Brother-in-law Biddle ... Kokka's vintage radios linen with matching pale blue linen
PS: Thank you to my lovely readers and your kind words of encouragement urging me to start selling my cushions. The thought has crossed my mind so watch this space in case a little Etsy shop opens staffed by yours truly xx


  1. oh wow, they're gorgeous! is there any chance of ordering one? x

  2. Wow, you got those down. They look awesome.