Thursday, 13 October 2011

Handmade Wedding at Huntsham

By the time Baby Biddle was 12 weeks old, he had been to six weddings. Yes that's right people, six! He went to his first aged 3 and a half weeks and soon became used to thinking that if it's a Saturday, it must be time to pop on the glad rags and shout "We will". All of the weddings we've attended this summer have been lovely and quite distinctive, reflecting the different personalities of the couples.

One of the weddings, of two of our thespian friends, the Woodsmiths, was at the incredible Huntsham Court in Devon. This was self catering on a whole new level. A gothic manor house featuring 22 bedrooms, sleeping 66 people, with a billiards room, library, ballroom, croquet pitches and more, you can hire the entire house for a long weekend and then it's up to you to arrange all the catering, booze, decoration, etc. So it's handmade wedding heaven and made for intimate, relaxed and cosy celebrations.

The Woodsmiths and their families filled the weekend with loving handmade touches, including the Mother-of-the-Bride's lasagnes on the Friday night, a Sunday afternoon treasure hunt, hand tied lavender place names, mismatching floral bridesmaid dresses and a bridal bouquet made from vintage brooches.
As well as buying the happy couple something from their gift list, I couldn't resist embroidering them a little something too. The words on the piece come from a song in the play on which the Woodsmiths first met - the same production on which me and Mr B got together too.

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  1. Oh I love the embroidery! It's gorgeous! :) What a lovely present x