Monday, 10 October 2011

Cleveland Pools

It's been a year now since we moved to Bath and what a year it has been. We love living in this majestic city which feels like home, and now we can't imagine living anywhere else. We love the beauty of the city and surrounding areas, the huge range of culture & arts festivals, the fact that we can be in the shops or in deepest darkest countryside within a ten minute walk, the yummy places to eat, and the accessibility to other places, like nipping into Bristol or London on the train.

We've got to know our lovely neighbourhood ... the different routes into town, the local parks & cafes, our nearest church and play group, the canal towpaths. And we've got to know our neighbours ... the talkative lady next door, the couple who lend us their lawn mower, the elderly Northern couple who remind me of my grandparents, and the gardener dad with his camper van of tools. But there was one treasure in our neighbourhood which we hadn't discovered until last month.
Cleveland Pleasure Pools are a hidden gem, tucked away next to the River Avon, literally four minutes walk from our front door. The only surviving Georgian Lido in the UK, they used to provide open air swimming facilities for generations of Bath families, but closed in the 70s and were left to rack and ruin. There is now a campaign to try to save and restore the pools so that a new generation can use them to swim in. Wouldn't that be amazing? It would be so cool if they re-opened and Baby Biddle could learn to swim there. Here are my pictures of the pools from their recent open afternoon.


  1. Amazing! How had I never heard about this? I lived in Bath for nearly 20 years! Where is it? x

  2. Fabulous photos which evoked a memory of a night many years ago.. when some friends and I went skinny dipping in the Bath Lido.. A magical place and a magical memory. I hope it will be restored to it's former glory as one of Bath's hidden gems.

    Michele x