Thursday, 1 September 2011

Sandals that make me smile

Do you know that feeling of becoming aware of something for the first time, then noticing it everywhere from then on? Well that's what happened with me and Saltwater Sandals. I'd never heard of these American classic summer footwear, then once I had, they seemed to crop up on just about every blog I follow. They looked so funky and retro and comfy - my perfect combo for a shoe. So I looked into British stockists and found a lovely pair of them in Navy in my size on Olive loves Alfie. I took receipt of a lovely parcel containing them this week, and they haven't left my feet since. They are so blooming comfy. Perfect for trekking round sunny Paris ... we're off for Baby Biddle's first foreign trip tomorrow (can't wait to track down gorgeous French baby boy clothes in Petit Bateau and Monoprix). And they make them in children's sizes too.

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