Saturday, 10 September 2011

Les Couleurs de la France

The Biddles are just back from a very jolly jaunt across the English Channel to visit four very good friends who now live much of the time in Paris. It was the first time we took the little fella abroad using his hilarious baby passport. He had a riot in the sweltering heat of Paris, then learnt to shout on the coast at Honfleur.

Like many Brits, we visit France a lot, and I'm always struck by the gorgeous faded colours everywhere - such a different palette to the UK. So here are some of the colourful things I saw during our trip. Descriptions of photos at the bottom.

one & two. Gorgeous greens on the Metro. three. Pretty blue bridge on the Paris canal. four, five, six. The Hotel du Nord, a ridiculously cool restaurant where we enjoyed a long, luscious lunch and escaped the heat. seven. View of the Muséum Histoire Naturelle from the beautiful and immaculate Jardin des Plantes. eight. The greenhouse next door to the Muséum Histoire Naturelle – I love that shade of green. nine. Sophie La Giraffe (or Saf Giraffe as we know her) visits her spiritual home. ten. Mais oui! eleven. Loving the display of hot air balloons floating over sand in Louis Viutton’s window on the Champs Élysées. twelve. The picturesque harbour at Honfleur. thirteen & fourteen. Vintage beach huts and sun umbrellas on the front at Deauville. fifteen. A prettily tiled table in a Deauville restaurant. sixteen and seventeen. The Salon de Thé in Honfleur – an English/French mash up. English tea cups with tiny French meringues. eighteen. Mr B dreaming of owning a little boat. nineteen. Crack me. You know you want to. twenty. Sewing in the cabin of the car ferry returning home.


  1. Beautiful picture! They almost have me jumping straight on a ferry! x