Friday, 23 September 2011


There are a few themes I can never get enough of when it comes to prints and illustrations ... The Circus, Hot Air Balloons, Vintage Florals, and Fairgrounds. There's something so romantic and nostalgic about the fairground, conjuring images of girls in 50s New Look dresses flashing their knickers as they whirl around whooping, the sound of the Wurlitzer singing a tinkling jingle, and the faded magic of walks to the end of the pier eating fish and chips under the twinkling of festoons.
On our recent trip to France, we discovered this beautiful vintage carousel in the centre of Honfleur. It's placed in such a central location that it seems to be at the epicentre of the harbour quarter. We went to look at it every day, wondering whether Baby Biddle was old enough yet to perch on one of the horses (with the helping hand of mummy or daddy) and deciding it wasn't quite time yet. It made me think of the overture to Rodgers and Hammerstein's musical Carousel. I could almost picture Billy Bigelow charming his way around the two tiers to the delight of pretty young things and making Julie Jordan blush.

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