Monday, 8 August 2011

Lusting after Liberty

It's a bit early to be thinking about Christmas but for once, I actually have something on my list for the man in the red suit and white beard (or at least Mr B in fancy dress). Check out these gorgeous Liberty Print Wrap Watches (priced at £90 a pop). I first spotted them in The Observer magazine and I think they are gorgeous every day time pieces.

Looking online, I think this pink floral number with tan leather might be my favourite, but I'll try to pop into the beautiful London store to see them properly if I get chance.
The wrap watches were created after the success of the Liberty Knot Watches, and the double wrap feature means you get glimpses of the lovely Liberty fabric all day long. These knot watches are priced at £55 each.


  1. Really sweet. Love the last one in particular.

  2. They are gorgeous. I was in Liberty last week and these caught my eye too. Just to warn you on some of them it's really difficult to read the time as there are no numbers and fabric makes it hard to see the hands. I'm doing it the cheapskate way and just replacing my existing watch with a home-made Liberty fabric watch strap!