Wednesday, 10 August 2011

I Am One

Today this blog turns one. Happy Birthday dear blog.

One year ago ... I was directing an outdoor show featuring a cast of 60 teenagers. I was living in central London. My little Biddle family numbered two.

A year later ... Mr Biddle is working on an outdoor show featuring a cast of 60 teenagers. I live in central Bath. My little Biddle family numbers three.

Back when I started blogging, I only followed a handful of blogs: one in America, my sister's and my friend's, The Vintage Bride. So over the last year, as well as getting into writing my own little online journal, I've also had the whole wonderful world of the social network opened up to me. I love that I connect each week with like minded lasses on all sides of the globe - from fellow bloggers in the South West to writers in Europe, Australia and America. I have enjoyed the inspiration, particularly visual, of all the photos, tutorials and tips that are shared by others who share my love of crafting, sewing, thrifting and vintage. I am happy to have been introduced to the delights of Pinterest where I catalogue and share all the beautiful things online. And I am chuffed that whilst I set up my blog really for myself as a way to record lots of the lovely things in my life, I've had over 5000 page views. Small shrift in the blogosphere I know but a little achievement nonetheless.

So to celebrate turning one, here are some number one themed images from Baby Biddle's vintage baby books.