Thursday, 11 August 2011


Today I'd like to remember my gorgeous, wonderful, caring, generous, thoughtful, strong spirited, Northern-to-the-core, proud Darwener, Nan who passed away a year ago today. She was such a huge part of my life. She taught me lots of the crafts that I love today and many a time I have lamented the fact that she gave away all her gorgeous dresses and shoes from the 1950s as she was such a stylish lady and took great pride in her appearance. I miss her lots, although as Baby Biddle came into our lives not long after her departure, it felt rather fitting that he would fill a little bit of the hole she left behind.

With life and death sitting so closely together, I've thought a lot about the different generations of my family, the importance of creating the next generation and the different opportunities that have been available to women throughout the ages. Here are my Nan, my Mum and Me, with our little babies in our arms, generations apart but experiencing the same life changing, incredible event.


  1. Lovely photos, the top one in particular, treasure them always! Hope you are enjoying your new life as a mother.

  2. That's a beautiful blog post Amy. Photos are gorgeous. Continuity is key to understanding what life is all about.