Monday, 13 June 2011

Embroidery Transfer Tutorial ... the Mrs Biddle way!

I've been really getting into my embroidery over the last couple of months and thoroughly enjoying it. I've been turning lots of my sister's illustrations into needle art, and this is how I transfer the images onto the fabric. Now, I know there are iron on transfer pencils you can buy - in fact, I own one - and I'm sure there are lots of other better methods out there for transferring images. But this is how I've been doing it and it works for me!

What you need

  • The image you want to transfer
  • Grease proof paper (dead cheap and can cut to the right size) or tracing paper
  • Fabric Pencil, sharpened. I find my blue one works best as the pink one is too faint.
  • Normal Pencil, sharpened
  • Fabric
  • Two pins

one. Place the grease proof paper over your image and trace your image using the normal pencil.

two. Turn your grease proof paper over and re-trace the image with the fabric pencil.

three. Turn the grease proof paper over again and pin to your fabric. Retrace the image for a third time, redrawing over your original pencil lines. This will impress the fabric pencil onto the fabric.

four. You're ready to start embroidering. Simple. Of course, if you printed out your image in negative, then you could cut out stage one of this process too.

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