Monday, 9 May 2011

A Quilt for Miss de Korte

Earlier in the year, the daughter of a friend of mine, Miss de Korte, asked for one of my quilts for her bedroom. Considering I've only made two full sized quilts before, this was quite a compliment. She had seen my first quilt attempt on the spare bed (see my post about it here).

So I suggested that she choose some fabrics from my large stash in the basement and then, once I'd cut out all the squares, she laid them all out in the pattern of her choice. As she's a very crafty type, I also gave her a first lesson on using a sewing machine.

Now it's probably worth pointing out that Miss de Korte is nine years old. Yes, that's right, nine. And yet she has taste in fabric, print and colour to put many of my grown-up friends to shame! Plus she's incredibly decisive. She knows what she likes and chose the fabric and layout with real precision. I love the fabric combination she chose - mature blues and blacks, five different Liberty prints, with subtle flashes of bold girliness in the babushka dolls and ice creams. Here's how the quilt turned out ...


  1. It's absolutely beautiful, lucky girl! x

  2. I am the mother of the lucky girl. She loves her quilt (so does her cat!). She sleeps under it every night and she has even realised the joys of bedmaking. I remember when I was about her age, my sister in law painted me a little picture. I adored the picture and I was aware of what a special 'thing' this was in the welter of other 'things' I possessed. I still have it, albeit smudged by some adolescent tears. My daughter doesn't give much away on the outside, but I know she feels very honoured to have this unique treasure, and she will enjoy her beautiful quilt forever. She and I are both lucky to know the very lovely lady, Mrs Biddle.

  3. Wow so pretty! I'm in awe of anyone who can quilt...wanna make me one ;)?