Sunday, 1 May 2011

May Bank Holiday

What a lovely weekend it has been. I'm on maternity leave so having extra days off hasn't made a huge lot of difference to me, but it has been a fun filled weekend to remember.

Friday began with baking fairy cakes in the spirit of the Royal Wedding which I watched on TV along with most of the nation. I particularly loved the choral music and the incredible architecture on display - two things we can be so proud of here in Britain. These elements also reminded me of my fabulous wedding to Mr B which took place in Southwark Cathedral where my hubby used to be a Lay Clerk (one of the professional singers). The beauty and solemnity of the singing reduced me to tears.

Talking of our wedding day, peonies were our flower of choice. I bought my first bunch of the season on Thursday and have watched them develop from tight fists to giant open hands. From this ...

To this ...

Friday afternoon was spent with an extremely stylish and design savvy nine year old, Miss de Korte, who has commissioned me to make a quilt for her with her birthday money. So we ate fairy cakes whilst she laid out the fabrics she had chosen (a lovely mix of Liberty prints, Babushka Dolls and polka dots), and I taught her the basics of using a sewing machine.

My sister and her fella came to stay on Saturday so we pootled along the canal, had a lovely lunch at the yummy White Hart in Widcombe, walked around the Royal Victoria Park, then ventured home for burgers in the garden and my first attempt at homemade pavlova.

Today, we drove down to one of my favourite local destinations, Frome, for the first of the year's Artisan Markets on St Catherine's Hill, which now has a sister market - The Frome Flea.

I picked up a couple of vintage children's hankies ...

... and a lovely little piece of 60s print in a bold green for £1 ...

On the way home we stopped at the fantastic White Row Farm Shop which is well worth a stop for a yummy lunch in the friendly cafe and a rummage round the grocery shop for a superb variety of locally produced food.

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