Monday, 16 May 2011

Maternity, Milkshakes and Mad Men

For my 30th birthday, I was bought the ultimate piece of kitchen equipment by my very generous Ma - a Kenwood Chef. And it's blooming amazing. I've already used the main mixing bowl bit to make cakes and buns and meringues. But during a very lazy Sunday (we're passing the baby waiting time by watching Season 4 of Mad Men), Mr Biddle and I used the blender attachment for the first time to make yummy homemade milkshakes.

My Sunday also involved a major sort out of my wardrobe ready for the arrival of Baby Biddle. I have no intention of dressing in tracksuit bottoms and baggy t-shirts once he arrives (partly because I don't own any!). So I've sorted my clothes into sections of things I think I'll be able to wear if all goes well on the breastfeeding front, but will still keep me in some semblance of style.

I've recently come to possess these two slouchy vintage skirts, the hems of which I took up on my machine. I think both will look suitably vintage mummy over the summer, and yet both will be forgiving on my much changed waistline!

The red one came courtesy of my friend Mrs de Korte who brought it back for me from her Mother-in-Law's fabric stash in Holland, along with lots of other gorgeous vintage prints.

I picked the navy one up last month at Beyond Retro in Shoreditch - I just adore the retro print (and that waist band looks super comfy!).

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  1. These skirts are yummy! You'll be the best dressed mum this summer!