Sunday, 29 May 2011

House Warming

Mr Biddle and myself are on a mission to try and get as many of our friends to move down to the South West as possible. We love it here, and we figure that the more people who move here, the more the ball will keep rolling. So we were delighted to discover that the little brother of my best friend Miss Lawton was moving with his lovely new wife to nearby Stroud. Mr Biddle has recently been working with Mr Lawton as they are fellow musicians - it's a small world - and the new Mrs Lawton is also a superb folk singer, otherwise known as Emily Barker.

Their new pad is a beautiful, bijou, bohemian cottage, full to the brim with musical instruments and vintage clothing, with gorgeous views across the Gloucestershire hills. As a little house warming gift, I sewed up this cushion in fabulous vintage-style fairground fabric by Kokka which I bought from Fabric Rehab.


  1. Nice cushion, I haven't attempted them you follow a tutorial or just wing it? Glad to see you are spreading the circus love.

  2. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, It works great, beautiful and creative,,

  3. Mr Lawton Senior does not usually peruse Mrs Biddle's Bits and Bobbins. But today Mrs Lawton Senior had just drawn his attention at the breakfast table to Mrs Biddles 'bit' about the man formerly known as Master Lawton, and his spouse. And what a delight it was and is. Indeed Mr Lawton Senior particularly looks forward to sitting on Mrs Bobbins gift when next invited to the 'beautiful. bijou, bohemian' cottage.

  4. Plus, Mr and Mrs Lawton are delighted to congratulateMr and Mrs Biddle on the arrival - at last - of their first born, who will surely benefit from numerous projects described here and elsewhere by Mrs Biddle in her contributions to that most pleasing invention, the 'blogosphere'.