Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Gorgeous Gifts

As there have been lots of occasions to celebrate around here ... birthdays, imminent babies, house warmings ... the Biddle household has received some really gorgeous and thoughtful gifts from friends near and far. So here's a teeny tiny selection of them, which have made us smile and brightened our home.

Miss Grindle potted flowers in vintage crockery ... a lovely idea which we have as the centre piece for our garden table.

Miss Pine sent this vintage money box all the way from Australia. I love the vibrant retro illustrations, and it makes the perfect vessel for storing loose coppers.

Mr & Mrs Baird gave us these exquisite enamel beakers and jug.

Our dear friend and neighbour Mr Lyford knows how much I like to bake so this gorgeous vintage-style cake stand will come in very handy to display my efforts.

And finally, I've sung the praises of the town of Lewes in my blog before, and my friend Mrs Flint, who is very lucky to live there, picked up this delicate and very fine jug from the superb local shop Wickle - a treasure trove of loveliness and gift inspiration for people of all ages and tastes.

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