Friday, 20 May 2011


These days of waiting for our Biddle blessing are being filled with huge amounts of luscious domesticity and home making by Mr Biddle and myself. As you know, sewing is filling up lots of my time (my baby clothing creations can be seen over on my vintage baby blog Albert & the Lion). And Mr Biddle has been down in his basement music room practising on his new guitar (he just started playing properly last month) and this week wrote a lullaby for the wee one.

I also taught Mr B to make fairy cakes yesterday. The poor man had never done it before so I got out the Hummingbird Bakery Book (it's a goodie) and shoved him in the direction of the Kenwood Chef. My Nan, who taught me the gentle art of making buns would have been proud of his yummy efforts.

After all the sunshine followed by rain, our garden is looking lush and lovely.

As we've not had our own garden before (other than a solitary pot of rosemary hanging off a shared balcony), we've been marvelling at the beauty of it all - there are pears starting to form on the little tree, the strawberries are getting bigger and just need to turn red, the rhubarb is still going strong, and the odd asparagus tip that has come through has made a tasty accompaniment to our suppers. Check out this piece of our asparagus ... it was 80cm long!!

We can't take any credit for the beauty and productivity of the garden as it is down to the hard work and graft of our landlords. But look at these poppies - they look like they've been sculpted by an artist using crepe paper. Extraordinary. And these will be the first bits of nature our little lad lays his fresh new eyes on. Lucky boy.

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