Monday, 18 April 2011

Vintage Recipe Books

Every time I open the weekend papers or Easy Living Magazine, I can't help tearing out recipe pages and adding them to my ever increasing folder in the kitchen. So this beautiful birthday gift from the Vintage Bride was right up my alley. Made by vintage artist Jessie Chorley, she takes old hardback books - in this case one named 'Basic Cookery' - and personalises, beautifies, and replaces pages with blank ones so they can be used as scrapbooks and journals.

The Vintage Bride used one as her guest book at her vintage themed wedding. I love how Jessie has left some pages untouched so that some of the original recipes can still be followed.

The theme of vintage recipe books continued when I visited my Mum, when she placed in my care two antique and extremely well-used Mrs Beeton's which had belonged to her Grandmother. The Cookery Book had signs of being much well loved with small grease stains and the pages falling out. In between the pages we discovered numerous handwritten recipes and cuttings - so my habit of ripping recipes from newspapers is genetic! I look forward to trying some of my great-grandmother's recipes in due course.

The ginormous Household Management book is filled with beautiful old illustrations, and we were very amused by the instructions on child rearing - Mrs Beeton obviously relied heavily on her Nanny!

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  1. Oh these books are glorious! I'm always on the look out for well loved old books to turn into scrap books. New books will never have the same charm! :)