Monday, 4 April 2011

L.ttle Birds in Lancaster

Before I left Lancaster, I got the chance to see the L.ttle Bird exhibition in the Gallery at The Dukes Theatre. Created by Georgia Rusch, crafty members of the public were asked to create and donate a small 3D bird sculpture which could be hung in a flock across the gallery ceiling and then auctioned, with the proceeds going to the Women for Women International charity.

I was really impressed with the number and variety of birds that had been submitted and it was lovely to think of all the crafters of Lancashire making these little creatures.

Here's my favourite little chap, beautifully knitted in lovely colours, and I'm very jealous of the bidder who won him for their home.

Alongside the flock of birds, local artists had created other bird themed pieces. I adored this handprinted fabric by Jenny McCabe covered with little luggage tags made out of vintage maps and books. I'd happily buy some of this fabric if it was for sale as I think it's gorgeous. And I'll be pinching the idea of making luggage tags from vintage maps - they looked ace.

I also loved the cheekiness in this piece with a small flock of baby birds at school. I could almost hear them chirping away, delighting in letters and learning.

The L.ttle Bird exhibition is on until April 17th at the Dukes Theatre on Moor Lane in Lancaster. 

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