Thursday, 7 April 2011

Lounging in the Sun

I hope the weather where ever you are has been as glorious as it has been here in Bath. Our little, sheltered, SouthWest facing garden has caught the sun all day and it has been sweltering. On a recent jaunt to Ikea we purchased a set of garden furniture so today I thought I'd jazz it up with some new cushions.

First up were sturdy seating pads for the two recliners. I used the Floor Cushion tutorial from Cath Kidston's book Sew, scaling the pattern down to fit the size of our chairs and doing away with the little tabs behind the buttons.

I covered 3" deep seating pads (on sale from Safe Foam and delivered to our door) with navy and white ticking which I've had in my fabric stash for some time, waiting for the perfect application.

Mr Biddle then helped me with the really tricky and strenuous job of tying the mismatching buttons down into the foam - aided by an industrial strength carpet needle, a thimble and a pair of pliers!

For the two smaller chairs, I ran up simple zipped cushions in contrasting vintage and modern fabrics, sewing ribbon ties into the back corners so they could be tied onto the seats. Long may the sunshine continue so they'll have plenty of use whilst we lounge in the garden.

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