Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cotton Candy

In a forgotten shortbread tin, in the back of a cupboard, I discovered this tiny treasure trove of cotton thread.

What exquisite colours. And the quality of the thread is every quilters dream. 100% cotton, strong and sturdy. And I just love the names of the colours.

Mid Sage ... Light Old Gold ... Saxe Blue ... Light Cornflower ... Pale Rose ... Napoleon ... Wisteria ... Spring Green ... and my personal favourite, Gay Kingfisher. Looking at them is like a little snapshot of being a forties housewife.


  1. These are gorgeous! Almost too good to use!

  2. i love your blog lovely!!! been hearing bout the vintage-wonderness and baby news. massive congrats- exciting times ahead. Just put babe to sleep whilst his dad "larrges" it at a beer to bed with a book and a chocolate bar xxx

  3. Oh wow, a girl after my own heart. I love the names - I have a brown Sylko called Filbert which my children find very funny!

  4. Your Great Gran Dora would be so chuffed that you're finding a use for her thread.