Saturday, 12 February 2011

Vintage Crockery & Cutlery

We've been slowly sorting out my Nan's house since she sadly passed away last summer. To give credit where credit's due, this has mainly been my Mum's task, but whenever my sister and I have been up North, we've popped round to pick things up to add to the fabric of our homes.

Mum had discovered, hidden in the out house under layers of dust, the most incredible dinner set, which now has pride of place here in our Bath home.

We wonder whether this was my Nan's wedding set but Mum has no recollection of it ever being used. It must have had some use though as it is missing the odd piece. But we've already started using it - it had it's first Biddle outing for lunch last Sunday.

I adore the cream background adorned with delicate blue flowers. It is an exquisite set and I now really want to buy one of those wall mounted wooden shelf things to display it all on.

Also from Nan's, I collected these lovely plates decorated in teal and gold which were otherwise destined for a charity shop. They'll be great for when we have larger gatherings in the summer and need more crockery.

And finally, I found all this gorgeous cutlery lurking in drawers ... Dainty tea spoons and sugar tongues ...

... pretty cake forks ...

 ... ornate salad servers ...

... and the children's cutlery set I always used as a little girl, perfect for Baby Biddle.

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