Wednesday, 16 February 2011

The Makery Emporium

Calling all you crafty South West ladies - something wonderfully exciting has happened to Bath. The Makery (a buzzing hub of craft & sewing classes) has just opened up The Makery Emporium on Northumberland Place and it's blooming gorgeous.

I was hugely impressed with the range of fabrics, ribbons and other sewing bits and bobbins on display - many of which I've not seen on sale anywhere else except the internet. Nothing beats the tactile satisfaction of getting your hands on material before deciding to buy and being able to see the colours in person. This shop is only a ten minute walk from our home so I think it might be a lethal addition to the shopping mecca that is Bath Spa. Eek.

The Makery stocks an excellent range of Kokka Japanese fabrics which I just adore. The material is of such high quality, and the illustrations & prints are subtle and delicate, even when fairy tale inspired.

I love the linen illustrated ribbon on sale - I've only ever seen this online to be imported from Japan via Etsy, so I'm delighted there's a stockist nearby.

These oilcloths are really unusual - I particularly like the floral ones backed in subtle spots which don't have the high sheen of most oilcloths. These could be great for the arrival of Baby Biddle to protect out vintage dining table.

So what did I purchase on my trip into The Makery Emporium? Two beautiful fabrics including a Kokka one called Far Far Away featuring illustrations of The Owl and the Pussycat ...

More linen illustrated ribbon ...

And a set of vintage maternity patterns ...

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  1. Mrs Biddle- I was so happy when I saw that you moved to Bath- my Boyfriend lives down there so I am a frequent visitor but it's difficult to know what is going on there from so far away (I live way up in Scotland). I have been to the Makery but I hadn't heard of this new shop- I'm so excited to visit it next week! Thank you, thank you! xx