Friday, 21 January 2011

Parcels Through the Post

Isn't receiving parcels through the post one of life's little luxuries? It's such an old fashioned pleasure and long may it continue. I love nothing more than ripping open a jiffy bag.

One of my favourite packages this week was from Backstitch, a fantastic online haberdashery that sells gorgeous fabrics as well as lots of great patterns, many of which are imported from the USA or Japan and difficult to get hold of here in the UK. I've ordered from them before but I was especially delighted with this parcel of two children's clothing patterns from Oliver + S. Alice at Backstitch had beautifully wrapped the patterns in tissue paper and ribbon, and included a hand written note.

Even though I paid for the patterns myself, it felt like receiving a gift. Mr B & I commented on what a difference that personal touch can make for small businesses like Backstitch and I'll definitely be ordering from them again in the future. I barely wanted to open the wrapping, it was so lovely.

How gorgeous are the Oliver + S patterns? I love the packaging and I'm hoping a can make dresses for my Goddaughter and Sailor outfits for the future Baby Biddle which live up to the design of these patterns! I'll report back on my sewing progress in due course.

Other parcels received this week were little treats to myself using my Christmas spending money (I feel about 15 saying that!). First up was a gorgeous new pair of shoes from the ridiculously reasonable Kate Kanzier. I already have a pair of her shoes which are so comfy and get commented on all the time.

These bobby dazzlers were a mere £15 in the sale. A bobby bargain.

And finally, a new pendant from Galibardy, an great online jewellery shop which is also really reasonable. I love balloons and so this makes me smile every time I wear it. This was just £12 and she does a lovely pendant with a boy & girl on a bicycle too for the same price.


  1. not discovered backstitch before (new to sewing). fabulous site thank you, have added to my favourites x gorgeous shoesand necklace x

  2. I love the way you photograph all these little bits and pieces! so cute! :)