Thursday, 25 November 2010

Christmas Decorations

The Bath Christmas Markets start today and I've spent the week in schools rehearsing various Nativity plays so I'm feeling in an early festive mood. I've been making Christmas decorations in front of the TV snuggled up under a blanket, and here's a little tutorial on how to make these easy tree hearts to hang on the tree. They are a great use of scrap vintage fabric and ribbon.

You will need:

  • a cardboard template of your shape 
  • pencil
  • scissors 
  • pinking shears 
  • stuffing (use up an old pillow or scraps of fabric)
  • embroidery thread 
  • needle 
  • pins 
  • thin ribbon 
  • small button

Draw round your template twice onto the wrong side of your fabric. Cut the two shapes out and pin wrong sides together.

Sew round your shape at regular intervals with embroidery silk - this will make a feature of your stitching. Leave a gap in order to stuff the heart and then close up the gap.

Trim the edges of the whole shape with pinking shears to stop it fraying. Finish off by sewing on a short piece of thin ribbon and a button.

You can try different shapes - I've also been experimenting with little Christmas tree shapes too.

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  1. Your hearts look very cute! I am spending a few days in Bath next week to celebrate my Birthday looking forward to visiting the Christmas Markets..Tx