Thursday, 28 October 2010


It's not only Mrs Biddle that is handy about our household. Mr Biddle has had a flurry of DIY activity this week as we prepare to rent out our London flat and move to the beautiful city of Bath.

Last year we got a new boiler which meant the old gas fire was taken away leaving a horrid hole in the wall. We'd covered it up with a picture frame for ages, so it was about time we sorted it out.

Here are the fruits of Mr Biddle's labour. A perfectly fitting white box and wooden frame to make a slick feature out of the hole.

All the wood was free and reclaimed from the Oikos Project on Union Street. And the unusual hallowe'en themed plant came from Igloo, the lovely florist on Bermondsey Street.

Didn't the boy do well? He's my hero.

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