Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Big Three Oh

It barely seems that a day has passed since we were celebrating a glut of 21st birthdays - roaming around the country in our University days going to many a coming-of-age celebration, from the drunken house party to the formal marquee event. And then in the blink of an eye, my friends are now saying goodbye to their 20s and celebrating their 30th birthdays in much more understated ways.

My friend Mrs McGinn chose to celebrate her 30th at her favourite lunch location, Petersham Nurseries - a stylish & rustic haven in Richmond. Unfortunately I was working away and unable to attend, but I did make sure that I chose a suitably vintage themed gift for this Mad Men obsessed lady. This dress was found in GB Antiques - a superb gigantic warehouse filled with vintage bargains galore. It made me think instantly of Betty Draper.

My friend Mrs Keenan chose to have a BBQ in the back garden of her family home up North. It was lovely, and took me and my school friends right back to our days of teenage sleepovers! The cakes were provided by my friend The Happy Little Baker and my gift (similar to the one pictured) was from the artist Kate Hamilton-Hunter who makes necklaces from recycled vintage food tins. I found her work in Bellwood and Wright in Lancaster which always comes up trumps for unique presents.

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The final recent 30th was for my friend Mrs Flint who was dreading turning 30. So her lovely husband organised a low key surprise sunday lunch for her in order to cheer her up. It was lovely. Me and Mr Biddle baked her a Victoria Sponge, and I made her a quilt in the colour theme from her lovely wedding.

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  1. Just found your blog via Cloth magazine's website and love it! That dress is gorgeous and what wonderful, thoughtful gifts! Can I be your friend?! Haha! Seriously, you have given me some ideas, thank you. Catherine