Thursday, 9 September 2010

Nan's Pom Poms

My gorgeous and much loved Nan passed away last month.

We've been starting to sort through her house to select the trinkets and treasures we'd like to keep to remember her by. We've been finding all sorts ... much loved jewellery, stashes of talcum powder, a mountain of Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, cupboards filled with chocolate biscuits, and stacks of cards we've given her over the years.

When my sister and I were little, we'd go to my Nan's for our tea (that's dinner for you Southern folk) after school. We'd watch children's television or play cards (a dastardly ploy by Nan to help with our arithmetic) or we'd do a craft project. Nan would save everything that was needed for the latest Blue Peter task - the inner tube of loo rolls, bottle tops, you name it.

Sometimes we'd stay over and there was a particularly pretty & memorable duvet set which I remember always being on her bed - we'd all snuggle down under it to watch TV. So when sorting through her house, I asked for the sheets to add to my fabric pile.

I'll be doing something proper with the fabric in due course (and will be sure to blog about the results), but this afternoon, as the rain started to pour outside, I decided to cut the duvet set up in preparation. I found myself with lots of strips of scrap fabric that had been the border to the duvet so I made a fabric pom pom - it was Nan who taught me how to make these with wool when I was a little girl.

I cut the scraps into thin strips and cut two circles out of heavy duty cardboard, with smaller circles inside. Then I started to wind until there was barely a hole left in the centre.

Next, I cut round the outside of the ring with a stanley knife (actually Mr Biddle did this as it was much tougher than doing it with wool!), tied green ribbon round the middle of the two cardboard layers to fasten the pom pom together, removed the cardboard, and here it is ... Nan's pom pom.

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  1. What a lovely idea to make something so simple yet beautiful can I put your picture and link to your post on my blog I think some people I know would really like this?
    Many Thanks