Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Homemade Summer Wedding

There is a new Mrs Biddle ... My fabulous Brother-in-law has got married to a very lovely lady. For their wedding, they chose to have the service in a gorgeous old church in the centre of Cambridge followed by a homemade reception in my in-laws back garden. The garden is just amazing. It has a rustic feel, filled with large fruit trees and wild flowers. Ma Biddle has green fingers and did a brilliant job over the last six months getting the garden in shape ready for the big day. It looked simply stunning. 
I offered my services on the homemade front to help make the reception look as beautiful as possible. Here are the fruits of our labours.

New Sister Biddle has great taste and a fabulous sense of fun, so she opted for a bright colour scheme of pastel blue and raspberry. 

The strawberry print and pink spots are classic Cath Kidston fabrics, with the rest of the fabrics coming from Abakhans in Manchester. I sewed them up into 12 mismatched table runners and about 100 metres of bunting to decorate the marquee and garden. These were complemented by lavender plants and wild flowers clustered together in assorted jam jars saved from my wedding to Mr Biddle last year.

Brother and Sister Biddle made a great choice on the marquee, opting for a vintage style wooden poled tent with removable sides - great for the sunny weather. It looked fantastic in the garden. Beautiful seat cushions were borrowed from my friend the Vintage Bride. The Vintage Bride and her Mum bought pale blue cushions from Ikea for 69p each, then sewed cream ribbons on to the corners and vintage knapkins on the front of each one. They looked gorgeous and were also very comfy. [It's well worth looking at the Vintage Bride's blog at pictures of her amazing and homespun wedding]

Working as an English teacher and theatre director, Brother and Sister Biddle have a great love of books, and so the wedding had a literary theme too. The wedding invite was designed to look like a classic penguin book cover so we kept this theme running throughout the decoration. They also asked guests to give them books as wedding presents.

We used Penguin Classic postcards as place names, table names and for the seating plan. You can buy these in a box of 100 from Amazon for about a tenner and they have really funny titles like 'Keeping Rabbits and Poultry on Scraps'!

Guests were asked to write a message on the back of their place name postcard and then hang it on the ribbon washing line as an alternative guest book.

Pretty blue lanterns were hung from the trees all around the garden (by a very excited Mr Biddle reliving his childhood by climbing his favourite trees!) adding a splash of daytime colour and a twinkle of light once it went dark. These were bought for £1 each from Poundland. Along with tea lights in jam jars dotted around, the garden looked completely magical all day. It was a fantastic wedding and Mr Biddle and I are so happy for the new Mr & Mrs B.


  1. Fabulous! love the use of Penguin postcards! x

  2. Wow, it looked so pretty and summery! xx