Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Home Sweet Home

Mr Biddle and I have finally returned to our lovely home after roughly three months working away. And it's bliss. We've been thoroughly indulging in our staycation - eating lovely heartwarming meals, sleeping in late, catching up with much missed friends, watching rubbish telly curled up together on the sofa, and catching up on the Mad Men box set lent to us by our friends The McGinns.

Mr Biddle and I each have our own ways to unwind. Mr B likes to while away the hours practising Bach on the piano whilst I, as you know, like to sew. It's been practically Victorian over these last couple of days in the Biddle household.

Today I ran up a little dress for my gorgeous Goddaughter Little Miss B. I recently bought this very cheap navy & spotty dress from H&M.

It cost the grand sum of £5.99 and was perfect to use as a pattern. Miss B had picked out some fabrics from my new stash when we went to visit her recently so her new dress has a green spotty theme.

I decided to keep the dress more streamlined than the original which I think works well with the stiffer cotton.

A little pocket and cream buttons finishes the dress off. Now I just hope it fits her okay! I think it'll look really cute with her white blonde hair with a little cream t-shirt underneath for the Autumn.


  1. Ah Mrs Biddle - It looks lovely! you are such a clever lady! xxx

  2. Dear Mrs. Biddle,
    May I put a link to your blog on my blog? I am working on a post about Housewifely Arts, and I think anyone who reads that would probably like your blog.
    The Waiting Artist