Tuesday, 10 August 2010

My first quilt

As well as kicking off my blogging, I thought I'd share with you a little project I completed last week.

For quite some time now I've been aiming to make a quilt. Truly inspired by the V&A Quilt Exhibition and some lovely fabrics I'd collected over the last year, I'd been stalled in my efforts due to a broken sewing machine. I got my machine mended by the lovely people at Oswaldtwistle Mills in Lancashire and finally had a few days free to make my quilt.

The fabrics came from a variety of places - I'm always on the look out for gorgeous and unusual fabrics, preferably with a vintage look. The retro camping scene, pale green floral and paper doll fabrics, as well as the cotton wadding, came from the fantastic Patchwork Dog and Basket in Lewes. My good friend Mrs Flint lives nearby and I make excuses to go and visit her in that charming shopping heaven of a town, just so I can go to this shop and drool over their fabrics. The babushka dolls came from a favourite online shop called Fabric Inspirations which has a great selection of American and Japanese imported fabrics. The other fabrics were picked up in charity shops and from rooting through the baskets in discount fabric heaven Abakhan which has branches across the North West.

The quilt was made by sewing together eight rows of six squares which each measured 25cm x 25cm. The back of the quilt is one large piece of the chocolate brown spots, and I bound the quilt by machine and by hand, following online tutorials on youtube.

It really wasn't hard to do - it took me a couple of days of sewing whilst watching old SATC re-runs. And now I've completely caught the bug so I think I'll be doing lots more quilting in the Autumn.


  1. Wow - a couple of days?! Looks beautiful! You might like my friend's blog: http://rosesoverthedoor.blogspot.com/ - she is getting very crafty too!
    Mrs M

  2. I posted a comment but where has it gone?!

  3. Love the quilt Amy. Am very impressed by your use of two days off! Big coincidence , as Miss L had just sent me a link to your blog when I was trying to track down quilting courses. I used to love doing patchwork in the past, mainly by hand, but could do with a bit of a refresher. Very inspired by you, can I be a follower of your blog (have not worked out how to do that yet!)

  4. Wow! This looks very beautiful, and as a first quilt it is really awesome. Congratulations!