Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Fabulous fabrics

For all you fabric lovers out there, I thought I'd share with you the hoard of fabrics I've been collecting whilst working away from home. In lieu of actually being able to get on my sewing machine at home and start stitching again, I've become a bit obsessed with buying fabric and have made some fabulous (and very inexpensive) finds over the last month.

In this blue pile, the ticking and the big spots came from Fashion Fabrics in the centre of Bath which has a great selection of classic, quality fabrics at good prices. They'll make great backings for quilts. The rest of the fabrics came from the utterly wonderful Abakhans in Preston (it also has branches across the North West) where they sell end of line and slightly damaged fabrics for extremely good prices. The flowery one was only £2.10 a metre!

In this green pile, the plain stripes came from Ikea which if you've never been to buy fabrics is fantastic, especially for bold, contemporary prints at great prices. The rest came out of the fabric bins at Abakhans. Little Miss B has requested a new Autumn pinafore in the green spotty cottons - the girl has great taste for a toddler.

Another gorgeous selection from Abakhans - All the fabric in this post from Abakhan's came to the crazily cheap price of £30 which for the amount I bought worked out at less than £3 per metre. Bargain.

A brilliant Eiffel Tower print, again from the bargain bins at Abakhans, and the fabulous Ikea bird print which is only £1.99 per metre. I've already made myself a dress in some of this fabric but thought I'd buy more as I think love it.

Only one more week until me and Mr Biddle return to our lovely home and I can using some of these fabrics in projects. Hooray.

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